The UK is a nation of pet lovers. In fact, a recent study showed that 49% of UK adults own a pet, with an estimated population of 11.1 million for cats and 8.9 million for dogs. And with those estimates, we can also see a rising number of pet owners who are looking for ways to make their yards (and homes) pet-friendly. With the constant garden-play and digging starting to damage well-manicured and well-kept lawns, we at Fulham Artificial Grass Installers are offering our artificial grass products as a solution for these pet owners’ dilemma. 

Here are some reasons why we think artificial grass is ideal for pet owners:

1. Your Lawn is Free from Holes

It’s no secret that dogs love to romp and dig holes in the yard. It’s an instinct that comes to them naturally – picked up from ancestors that bury their kill to protect them from other predators, and to save food for rainy days. While most dogs these days get regularly fed by their owners that they really don’t need to bury food, there are still those that can’t break their garden-digging habits. This would not be an issue if you have quality artificial grass installed. Your furry friend can dig through the synthetic turf all they want and the artificial grass will stay intact.

2. Materials

Aside from being an effective deterrent for dogs that love to dig holes in your lawn, a good quality artificial grass is made from high-quality eco-materials. You would want to make sure that your artificial turf is non-toxic, free from lead and cadmium and that your provider has complied with ISO standards of quality. Here at Fulham Artificial Grass Installers, we make sure that the materials used in the production and installation of your artificial grass are safe to be used around – not only by members of your family but to your beloved pets as well. 

3. Different Types for Different Pet Activities

Another great thing about artificial turf is that you can cater it to your pets’ activity needs. Does your pet use your lawn regularly for outdoor play and a patch of grass to do their business? You might want to get a slightly lower-end product. That way, you will be able to replace it as needed. However, if you have a pet that takes part in professional dog sports activities, such as agility and monitoring, then it would be better to invest in a higher quality artificial grass. Higher-end artificial grass is made with padding that will lessen the chance of impact injuries.

4. No Urine Spots Discoloring Your Grass

Dog urine is rich in nitrogen. If you are a pet owner and have natural grass in your lawn, then you have most likely seen what that does to your yard as nitrogen seeps into the soil over time. Brown colored spots now mar your once perfectly green space. With artificial grass, you need not worry about such things. Since your turf is made of quality synthetic materials, it has no chance of developing those brown spots and your lawn remains green and healthy-looking.

Are you ready to take the leap and move from natural grass to artificial turf? Give us a call today at Fulham Artificial Grass Installers and we can start to discuss your options for a pet-proof lawn.