You love your dog but does he know it? How about giving him a real treat by providing him with a soft place to lie outdoors while he rests and plays in your garden in Fulham? He loves being out in the garden but you have to admit that dogs and lawns don’t always see eye-to-eye. Mud gets carried in, you get yellow patches and even holes if he decides to have a digging session. So keeping your pet happy and maintaining your lawn can be a lost cause at times with both ending up looking worse for wear.
But add high-quality artificial grass in Kensington to the equation and the scenario changes completely. No more wiping dirty paws and endlessly mopping floors. Your lawn will remain looking good no matter what your beloved pet tries to do to it. Here are just a few reasons why you and your dog will love having an astro turf installation in South West London hence providing a makeover to your garden:

Digging a hole in fake turf is a no-go
As long as you choose a highly durable man-made grass, it will not give way to scratching or digging actions. Because it will not smell ‘earthy’ your pet will not be so tempted to dig a tunnel whilst at the same time it will be resilient enough to withstand any of his attempts. Your lawn will remain green and smooth without a hole in sight!

Fleas and ticks hate man-made grass
Did you know that artificial grass is hypo-allergenic? This makes it not only perfect for people that suffer from allergies but pets too. At the same time, fleas and ticks just don’t like grass that isn’t real so your pooch will be farmore comfortable and less itchy when walking in or lying on your artificial grass.

The grass is soft and remains that way
Even when the sun bakes it, your artificial grass will never harden or become straw-like and spiky. It provides a safe and harmless environment for your puppy to explore and play on. It won’t be full of stones and weeds and even when you need to poop-scoop, you can just use the hose or watering can to rinse your grass clean.

Play time becomes safe
Eradicate lawn fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides from your garden shed. You will not need to use them to treat your lawn neither will you need to add water. You will have full peace of mind, knowing that even if your dog plays endlessly on the lawn or even licks the blades of grass, he will not be at risk of consuming harmful chemicals.

Maintenance becomes minimal
You won’t have to cut the grass, trim edges, weed, water or rake and will have far more time for puppy playtime. Just a sweep over occasionally or spray with the hose and your lawn will be good to go.
Take the time to find out the fake grass installation cost in West London today and show your furry friend that you care whilst delighting the whole family with a reproduction lawn made in heaven!