Decking always looks amazing just after it has been fitted but it can soon begin to look very shabby. As the wood discolours, colour fades and green mossy and dirty patches appear, it needs a lot of work to maintain it. If you are tired of cleaning and scrubbing it, blasting it with a pressure washer or continually adding coats of protective varnish, then a turf topper may be what you need!

Make your decked area attractive again
If you live in Kensington and have not though of covering your dull decking with artificial grass before, then you should. It is an easy and incredibly effective way of you giving your decked area a new lease of life. With the worn out wood covered up, you will be left with a good-looking, practical and easy-to-use space, suitable for everyone in your home to enjoy, including children and pets!

Easy to install
Don’t be put off by thinking that fitting your man-made grass onto your decking will be tricky. You can get it laid by an artificial grass installer in West London or alternatively, if you are practically-minded, go for a DIY job. You will need to clean your decking and let it dry. Get rid of moss, dirt and debris and any lumps or bumps that will show through the grass. Get your faux grass cut to size and lie it over the wood. Make sure it is really flat and straight and situated exactly how you want it to look. It’s then simply a matter of securing the edges with pins or glue.
But what if your decking has gaps between it? They will not show through as long as you go for a grass pile of 30mm or more. Alternatively, you can cover the decking with plywood or even a special artificial grass underlay (just like you would with a carpet).

Make it puddle proof
Another thing to beware of is rain puddles. If your decking was laid perfectly flat with no slope to allow for water run-off, then when it rains heavily you may find water lying in places. It is far better to have a very gradual slope built into the area so that any water residue simply runs off. Also leave gaps when gluing the edges to enable water to find a way out.

Just like the real thing
No matter how large or small your decked area is, it literally will be given a new lease of life with good quality artificial grass in West Brompton. Because you are able to choose from a wide range of grass colours, styles and pile lengths, you can select the one that most closely matches your aesthetic requirements. At the same time, when you opt for a top-end artificial grass product, you will see that it very closely mimics the real thing so that unless you tell visitors you bought it, they will think that it grew there!
Easy to maintain, soft to the touch and able to be used all year round, if you have children and pets, they will love it as much as you. Check out your decking size now, get an estimate for artificial grass cost in South West London and then start looking at grass samples. Before you know it, you will be the owner of a fully made-over and fabulous looking faux grass decked area.