Twenty years ago, artificial grass was something only seen on football and games pitches and not suitable for the domestic market. But ‘The Times They Are A-Changin' and now artificial grass is a must-have product for your home and garden. Definitely no longer an affront to good taste, installing man-made turf in your garden does not equal becoming the owner of a patch of bright green plastic that would deter all but the very bravest.

Astro turf installation in South West London just got cool!
As is always the case, technology has been racing on and what was classed as artificial grass or astro turf years ago is now nothing like it used to be. If you have no idea of what present-day man-made grass looks like, you need to pop along to your nearest supplier or order some free samples. You will see for yourself that current top quality reproduction grass looks so good that you will want to walk up and smell it!
As long as you opt for the best quality artificial grass, there is no doubt that it will look and feel natural. If you don’t tell friends and visitors to your garden that it is man-made, they are never going to work it out. It also brings with it many advantages, particularly in very wet or dry periods when a real lawn would turn into a bog or a patch of dry spiky straw. If you don’t like either (and why should you) then you need to look at installing some top-end simulated grass into your Golders Green home or garden.
Maybe it is even better than the real thing? Let’s take a look.

It ignores the weather
Wind, rain, sun, frost – no matter how extreme the weather gets, your imitation lawn in Wandsworth will shrug it off with a smile. Extreme drought will still see it looking green and lush and when the monsoons hit, it will remain dry and still able to be used. Your children and pets will love your fake grass installation in West London as, regardless of the weather, they will be able to spend as much time as they like outside without you dreading the moment they come back inside.

Taking care of it is a cinch
Imagine a maintenance free lawn that you never have to weed, mow, trim the edges of or feed. You can also forget throwing all sorts of expensive chemicals onto it to make it look lush. For those of you that like a striped lawn, how about one with permanent stripes that never fade or grow out? If you want to make better use of your free time, spending more hours having fun and relaxing, then synthetic grass is the perfect solution. All you will ever need to do is sweep or rake debris away (using plastic implements of course), hose it down to remove any poop-scoop residue if you have pets and you will be good to go.

It goes anywhere
Artificial grass in Fulham is lightweight, easy to install and clean. If you want a lawned balcony, terrace or decked area, then synthetic turf provides the perfect solution. If your garden is overshadowed by trees, other buildings or a tall hedge, making it hard for live grass to grow, then a man-made lawn will do the job. It will look fantastic whether the sun shines on it or not and it will never get mossy or spoilt when endless leaves fall upon it.

It lasts a long time
As long as you buy good quality non-natural grass, it will be a good investment, lasting for up to twenty years if you care for it in the right way.
So to answer the question: “Is top quality artificial grass really as good as it looks?” the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Find out the artificial grass fitting cost in South West London today and you will soon wonder why it took you so long to go artificially ‘green’!