Have you found a professional artificial grass installer Chelsea, London and already made the change or are you still considering adding a replica lawn to your garden? If you have done your research fully, you will know that a beautiful and family-friendly outdoor space is only enhanced when you replace a natural turf lawn with one made by man. Eradicating mud, dirt and dust, maintaining it will be minimal and whatever the weather throws at it, it will never look other than perfect.

But with your lawn sorted out, what else can you do to make your garden family friendly?
Take heed of a few tips from us and before you know it, the whole family and even more visitors will be heading to your garden to spend time outdoors –whether the sun is shining or not!
 Play area – place this upon a safe and practical surface. Artificial grass is ideal for this as long as you choose one that is rugged, tough and able to withstand the trampling of many feet. If children are going to use bikes or scooters, it will need a surface that lends itself to this type of use with a pile that is deep enough to cushion blows but not so long that it makes it hard for wheels to turn. Think play houses, swings, slides and whatever else you may have room for. Think about how quickly the children will grow and invest in equipment that will keep them occupied for several years and not just a few months.
 Dining area – this should be designed to suit the whole family, not just the children. Use a gravelled, decked or paved area or even one covered with man-made grass. Food and drinks may be dropped so it needs to be easy to clean and able to accommodate tables and chairs easily.
 Seating area – nowadays there is so much to choose from when it comes to garden seating. Place it upon your reproduction lawn or some other area that suits practically. Consider arbours, hammocks, swinging egg chairs, outdoor rattan sofas and loom chairs or metal or wood loungers or even deckchairs. Be sure to choose something that is weatherproof and if possible, that you can store in a dry place when the winter weather really hits.
 Shrubs, plants and trees – use these to add colour and attract wildlife. If your garden is small, dwarf fruit trees enable you to grow-your-own organic fruit in large pots, contributing to the fare provided by your growing areas. Raised beds are great and easy to keep tidy and protected from dogs or cats. Maybe add a bed for the children to sow seeds as well as plenty of decorative pots and hanging baskets. Ugly wall? Add a trellis and cover it with climbers like rambling roses, honeysuckle or clematis. You can even mix several together to give a real cottage-garden look.
Using your replica lawned area in Battersea as the focal point of your outside space, you can add as much as you like to ensure that the family are accommodated all year round. Make it fun, good to look at and ensure that your design is practical as well as pretty.