Summer is a busy time to be outdoors and enjoying your garden. When the weather is good, it is even more tempting to pull out the deckchair, sit back and soak up a few rays. But while you are sitting there, does your attention wander to the yellowing grass and bare patches in the lawn? If so, no matter how much you tend it or plant around it, you will never end up with the garden of your dreams.
You have to weed vegetable plots, look after flowing plants and shrubs and even prune trees, but if your lawn is a mess, no matter how much time you spend tending to it, it will never be up to scratch. So once you have taken stock of your Notting Hill garden and done all you can to make it look attractive and welcoming, what more can you do to increase the rewards of your gardening efforts?

How about gardening with artificial grass?
Are you worried that wildlife such as birds, bees and butterflies will be discouraged and less likely to spend time in your garden if you add artificial grass? It is essential to have living things in your garden, all forming an essential part of the ecology of the planet. We all know that when a butterfly flaps its wings, major changes can occur but what if they did not exist, or we no longer had the bees or other wildlife at all? By adding man-made grass to your garden you will not be ostracising these precious fauna as you can add other things that will encourage them to visit and stay.

Encourage wildlife
With a new reproduction lawn in place from an artificial grass installer in Knightsbridge, you should see no drop in the amount of birds, insects and other wildlife coming to join with you in your outside space. As you add plants and other attractions, think of your simulated grassed area as a backdrop upon and around which you are placing other things that the wildlife will love. Not only will you have a lawn that will remain green and lush whatever the weather, but you won’t need to use insecticides to treat it or other harsh chemicals. At the same time, add things like small ponds, bee houses or nesting boxes so that your space becomes increasingly appealing to all living things around it.

Leaving a little bit of ‘wild’ grass
Many people also combine up-market mock grass lawns with a patch of wild meadow grass sown with flower seeds.
This way you have the best of both worlds; your synthetic lawn allows you to use it throughout the summer and beyond whilst your wildflower meadow, with grasses included, adds that essential bit of wilderness that you may not want to eradicate entirely.
See for yourself just how natural today’s array of reproduction lawns look and you will soon be smitten by the many essential features and advantages that they offer. Order your free samples, compare the many styles and designs and soon you will find a grass that adds the finishing touch to your Holland Park summer garden and the wildlife within it.