Summer is a boon for many but a bane for some, particularly when allergies like hay fever rear their heads. Whilst others are lying on the lawn, catching a few rays and having a fun time, there you are with tears streaming from your eyes, nose running and feeling like your head is going to explode. Apart from staying indoors for the whole summer,

what else can be done?
Help is at hand and it means that picnics on the grass and reading a book while you lounge in a hammock are no longer out of bounds. With millions of people in the UK suffering from allergies, you are not alone which is why many who are driven crazy by pollen are opting for artificial grass.

Choose artificial grass West London to suit your needs
With the highest quality man-made turf installed instead of your current lawn, you should experience a major improvement. And it won’t stop you enjoying your garden. You can still decorate with shrubs and trees, staying away from the sorts of flowering plants that irritate you the most and which are heavily pollen laden. Also, do not be put off by thinking that your imitation grass is going to look like plastic and obviously fake; this is not the case at all. Nowadays artificial grass comes in a vast range of colours, textures and pile lengths. In fact, you can choose it like you would your carpet. Visit a showroom or ask for some free samples and see for yourself just how awesome today’s artificial grass can be. Why waste your whole summer, hiding away from the warm weather when laying a lawn made from replica grass can change your whole lifestyle?

The perfect allergy solution
High-end synthetic lawns look as good as they feel and they are immensely practical. Tough, resilient and easy to maintain, they bring with them many benefits. Forget watering in dry periods, mowing every weekend and trimming those annoying edges. Combine this with the fact that your lawn will be free from grass pollen and you have found the perfect solution to combat your summer allergies! Whilst you may not be able to discard your allergy medication altogether, you should definitely see an improvement in your reaction to pollen when you step out onto your lawn in Chelsea.

Enjoy more summer pastimes
With your stunning new reproduction lawn in place, you will be able to do so much more. Imagine it – none of the following will be out of bounds any longer:
 Walking on the grass barefoot, particularly when the early morning dew is down
 Lying on a blanket and building up your tan, surrounded by realistic grass
 Sitting on the lawn with friends, enjoying an ice cold drink
 Playing on the lawn with pets or children
You deserve to enjoy the summer as much as anyone else so check out astro turf West London suppliers in your area now and send those allergies packing!