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Make the most of the Summer months with a Luxurious Artificial Grass Installation by London Artificial Gardens.

London Artificial Gardens

 Good Looks That Will Never Fade

Artificial Grass Installer London – Artificial Grass London
The grass that we use has a uniquely soft feel which is very realistic, even when sitting on it.  Natural to look at and made to last, it has full UV stability hence it will never fade.  Visitors to your garden will not comprehend that your garden encompasses artificial turf unless you choose to tell them.  Whatever size your garden and whether you want to mix artificial grass with real plants, shrubs, trees or architectural features, we will take care of it.  If you live in one of London’s affluent neighbourhoods, love your home but are tired of a garden that looks less then lively, our lavish reproduction garden will solve the problem. Our synthetic grass blends with all types of buildings, whether they are contemporary or traditional, even period buildings
Convenient & Hassle free

Artificial Gardens

No matter how you want your artificial garden to look, we promise you one thing; it will be like no other.  Totally custom-built and designed to suit your property, it will be delightfully natural to look at.  Using best-in-class European artificial turf, you don’t need soil or water.  We can blend it with decking, patios, perimeter walls and even fully planted areas to create a dream garden.  You will not need to employ an expensive gardener to look after your lawn as it will not require mowing, weeding, edging or watering.  Your garden area will always be clean and appealing to both children and pets.  By eradicating the inconvenience of having a real grass lawn in place, you can spend more time enjoying your garden and less worrying about it. It can be blended with natural plants or we can include some of our striking man-made replicas. Always in perfect condition, whether you want to use it for dining outdoors, playing with the children or simply soaking up the sun, your artificial garden will tick all boxes perfectly
child and pet friendly

Low Maintenance

Today many people’s lives are busy with demands put upon them by work, family and outside interests.  You can be left having no time to look after your garden or having to pay someone to take care of it on your behalf.  If you regularly travel, time away can leave a real garden looking unkempt, overgrown and messy.  Not only is this unattractive but it can seriously detract from the good looks of your property, even devaluing it.  With a child and pet friendly artificial garden, you know that it will always look pristine. Whether you live in it yourself or have tenants, the garden will no longer be a worry.  In years gone by it was possible to tell the difference between real grass and artificial, but this is no longer the case.  Our European artificial grass looks virtually identical to the real thing.  The colour, texture, feel and suppleness has all been carefully modelled on natural grass.  Walking barefoot is a delight, knowing that your feet will remain dirt free.  Our grass is also easy to clean, fire retardant, child and pet friendly.
Artificial Grass Installer London – Artificial Grass London
Artificial Grass Installer London – Artificial Grass London
simple & straightforward design

Expert Designers and Installers

Our artificial gardens in West and South West London are incredibly popular with our high-end clients.  Suitable for even the most elegant of homes, by using only the finest quality artificial grass, we are able to provide you with a unique place in which you can relax, unwind and even entertain.  Totally hassle-free, our expert installers will provide you with a stunning garden created using grass that looks and feels like the real thing.  Requiring zero maintenance, you will save so much time, knowing that you can enjoy your garden any time of the year.  When other gardens are looking sad and tired, yours will always be in tip-top condition.

Made in Europe to exacting ISO standards, our artificial grass brings with it so many benefits:

  • UV stability, never fading
  • Low maintenance
  • Lead free
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Safe for children and pets

Get in touch today, ask for further details and find out for yourself why our artificial gardens are so much in demand in the West London area.

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